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Hi there! Welcome to Intercultural Wanderlust, a family travel blog dedicated to providing travel resources and empowering families with kids, as well as other wanderlust-driven individuals, to embark on unforgettable journeys. As a family of four, whenever we manage to save enough and carve out time, we eagerly set off to explore new destinations together. Through our personal experiences, we aim to shatter the misconception that travel must come to a halt after having kids. In fact, we believe that traveling with our children opens up a world of possibilities and enriches their education, as we firmly believe that the world itself is the best classroom. Join us on our adventures as we inspire, inform, and showcase the joys of family travel.

Value Proposition:

At Intercultural Wanderlust, we are dedicated to catering to the unique needs of families traveling with kids, offering a comprehensive range of resources and practical tips. We also recognize that travel enthusiasts come in all forms, so we provide insightful travel information, family-friendly itineraries, insider tips, and curated recommendations to empower families with kids and all types of travelers to travel more. Whether you are a family seeking memorable adventures or an individual seeking travel inspiration, you will benefit from the content you find in our blog.